The following are known New Mexico State University campus resources and information.


We are currently compiling a list of individual gender neutral restrooms on campus.

So far our list includes the following buildings:

  1. Jet Hall
  2. Milton Hall
  3. Garcia Hall
  4. Zuhl Library
  5. Garcia Annex
  6. Activity Center
  7. Genesis Center
  8. Center for the Arts
  9. Pete Dominichi Hall
  10. Student Health Center
  11. Alumni Visitors Center
  12. Corbett Center Student Union
  13. American Indian Student Center
  14. Biology Annex

Campus Housing:

NMSU offers inclusive housing for all LGBT+ Students. When applying for housing simply choose the Trans or LGBT+ inclusive housing option on your application.

For more information or to apply for inclusive housing click here.

Campus Medical Center:

The NMSU Health Center staff has been trained on LGBT issues and how to respectfully speak to transgender patients. However, due to turnover and human error, they still may make mistakes. The student health center is still improving in their knowledge and attitude toward the trans community.

Currently, there is no way to obtain hormones on campus. However, they are able to help you learn about self-injections if you already have a prescription for hormones.

For more information on medical resources in Las Cruces please refer to the “medical” page.

Preferred Name Changes:

Students may update their preferred name on canvas through myNMSU. This will update names on rosters and can be applied to student IDs and information systems. We are working on the kinks in extending this to the testing centers, dorm mail system and other places on campus.

If you have any issues, questions or places we need to visit about preferred name information please contact us via email or come into the LGBT+ Programs office in Garcia Annex Rm 146.

Official name changes (i.e. those with court documents) can be used to update name changes at the registrars office. The same supportive documentation can be used to update gender markers as name changes.