NMSU Restrooms

Map of Gender Neutral Restrooms NMSU Main Campus 2016. restroom-mapThis is a new map of all of the gender neutral restrooms on the NMSU main campus.

NMSU has a policy that all new buildings must have one gender neutral restroom.

So far our list includes the following buildings:

  1. Jet Hall
  2. Milton Hall
  3. Garcia Hall
  4. Zuhl Library
  5. Garcia Annex
  6. Activity Center
  7. Genesis Center
  8. Center for the Arts
  9. Pete Dominichi Hall
  10. Student Health Center
  11. Alumni Visitors Center
  12. Corbett Center Student Union
  13. American Indian Student Center
  14. Biology Annex

Please tell us if you know of a single stall restroom on campus that is not gender neutral. We are actively working to convert these to gender neutral restrooms.